A dose of venom ..

Induced pain..

As we ever so slowly inject venom into our veins making conscious decisions to keep “enduring”.

That we choose to inflict upon ourselves to then cry and ask “why me”, “why now”, “why him” why this ..why that… As if we weren’t conscious enough , smart enough or could it be BOLD enough to take accountability and full responsibility of the pain…pain that we “endure”

a mild dose of venom of which insidiously penetrates our lives
Transforming into an addiction of self inflicted pain.

To engage in self loving activities to then abruptly stab ourselves with our own knives ?

Why do we do this to ourselves
We can be our biggest cheerleader, strongest lover and worst enemy,

Induced pain .. Unconscious actions..
A restless addiction
A dose of venom
Transforming into an habit of self inflicted pain.

#womenspoetry #ESwriting #consciousliving


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