“Perspective” .. She said


I wake up, avoiding to look at the clock to realize it’s 3 am .. And I can’t sleep. Restless nights, with a million thoughts about a guy i gave my heart to. I stare at the ceiling gasping for air when thoughts of lies come flooding in…

She stares at the ceiling wondering “why me. ”

I cringe as I get mad at myself for slowly tearing down a wall that was built to protect my heart….

She goes to bed every night thanking God for “him”

“Why me I wonder”, when all I’ve wanted was a normal relationship,

“why me ” she asked .. Attempting to understand why the look on the doctors face.

“How could I have fallen so easily, have i not learned my lesson”. And the time flies by and I’m still restless. in a struggle to close my eyes and sleep as I ask myself now what?

“Now what”? Her husband asks after theyve found out her diagnosis,
And with tears in her eyes she smiles and decides NOW is when life truly begins.

It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep… Grateful for the life I have , my health, and the patients I’ve come across to shed light on choosing my life and not induced pain.  @emmys33 #latenightposts #womenspoetry #fuckcancer #shedlight #perspective


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