The kisses,
His gentle touch,
Goodnight cuddles
Morning teas
Back rubs
I love yous
The laughter, the giggles,
The late night talks
The “tuck me ins”
The promises … The promises… The promises…

The promises that were broken
Those promises that I held on to so dearly
Wanting them to be my future
Praying, that they’d be my future
Holding onto nothing but words,
Broken words, broken promises.

So beautiful on the outside
A smile to melt any heart
Words .. His words …
That will make anyone fall in love with him…

And slowly, insidiously, it creeps up…
There to break those promises,
Destroy anything he touches
Kill anything he loves

A vicious addiction
My simple mistake
To give my heart one more time
To someone who had once lost my faith

He carried my heart
My dreams and desires
Which soon enough crumbled
To his vicious desires

I should’ve read between the lines
I should’ve listened to my heart
To know one day it would come back
To rip away my heart

I promise I’ve learned my lesson
To listen to my heart
For the next time I hear addict
I know it’s time to part.
#ESwritings #broken


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