Be the change you want to see ..


I’m on mission.. To utilize #socialmedia for the good. Too often do we find ourselves listening , reading, or witnessing news that’s debilitating to watch. It’s too much and I, personally, am Over it. Yes it is good to be aware of what is going on in the 🌍 but we should spend our time and #energy on good things and if you’re having trouble seeing any good right now then simply #BETHATCHANGE. Be that #catalyst to spread love and light and remind others that #goodhearts #loyalty and #love continues to exist, despite all the madness and chaos. We are all here together , sharing the same planet , so why not make it a #peaceful and #exhilirating adventure while we breeze through this 👆🏽life. My intention is to convey love in #randomactsofkindess and inspire others to do the same by sharing your story and tagging others to do the same. Together , let’s create a #rippleeffect to #impact others and remind one another that there is such a thing a #genuinehearts #humility and #kindness here’s the first story to start up this Insta @Stand_4_peace #Stand_4_peace
I grew up in the #dominicanrepublic, a gem of an island with a culture of its own. From its delicious food, warm people, and vibrations music 🎼 & pristine beaches ..but with all this , #poverty is not absent. instead it speaks loud and clear. Visible in all corners. I grew up with a surfer dad who’d take us to #patobeach every weekend. To find ourselves being chased by little kids willing to carry our stuff to the beach for any monetary compensation, no matter how big or small. Here I was 7 years old , going to the beach for fun, while kids my age were struggling to feed themselves or help out at home? Barefoot 👣 and #hungry. An image that I carry with me forever. Flash forward to 2013, when I was set on my own #mission to bring clothing and diapers, to the same community that we drove past when I was a kid. I announced my mission everywhere , #church #yogastudio @bluesolyoga , and random people.. And soon enough i had #bagsfordays. I flew #home With My 1👙and as many bags allowed, but a #heart full of joy. I never imagined my community, including strangers would respond the way they did. Never did I EVER imagine , driving to the homes of strangers who had heard about my #mission and wanted to contribute in any way possible. 👆🏽 girl with #one Idea , inspired out of #love , that was put into action ➡️ and ended up in one hell of a result. It was that simple. I learned a HUGE #lesson , don’t underestimate the power of a dream, or the #heart of your neighbor.
Please help me in spreading awareness of #love and #kindness… Because it continues to exist !! Tag your friends and share your stories , anything from a #payitforward , to spending time with family, friends , including 🐶🐱🐹🐰🐽 !!! Ready, GO! Don’t forget to tag @Stand_4_peace #Stand_4_peace so I can repost your message !!! #inspire #heart #love #bethechange #poverty #dominicanrepublic #inspiration #actsofkindness #randomactsofkindness #payitforward #eswritings



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