586 , bed 1

Off to work,

It’s Time to be productive

Multitask as I build rapport and write my notes…

How could you truly bond with a person when “efficiency” in the mantra playing in the mind..

But I sat for a minute and asked you simple questions,

98 years of wisdom sitting in front of me,

winkles that communicated a story of your past

a beautiful young spirit,

a fighter,

a NINETY EIGHT YEAR OLD woman determined to get stronger

A gentle smile

Pure love , commitment and wisdom sitting before me …

“I was having a bad day, but you made me feel a lot better today”

words that hit the heart,

A reminder .. this is why I do what I do

She grounded me with her presence

A reminder to be Present,

There is a gift in human connection,

It’s a matter of deciding to open your eyes and heart to it, but it is always there.

586-1 I will always be grateful for those moments shared in that gym

Sending you love & light wherever you are.


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