Why Yoga changed my life 

Mental illness …
A condition that is sometimes subtle, showing its face when we feel abondened as our loved ones suddenly slip away and go MIA status . We see it in the invisible, yet clear cry for love and help from those people we sometimes see on the streets asking for some change. Other times it’s loud and clear … screaming and sometimes even stomping  its presence as we watch the news and hear the stories of how lives were taken by a veteran with PTSD.

Social media plays such a strong role in defining for many what is right , wrong , weird and, or normal. It’s been a while that I’ve been contemplating this .. an idea that birthed as I settled into my yoga practice. Thru it, I have slowly began to quiet my mind and accept myself , all of me, with all my flaws and all my strengths. This is my way of contributing … sharing MY story and how yoga and meditation has changed my life.  May it bring comfort to those who need it, remind others they are not alone. And may it instill curiousity and openness to the practice of yoga .. namaste 💜

I was around the age of 1o when suicidal ideation became the norm. I remember I’d daydream wondering if anyone would miss me at all. 6th Grade was brutal. I’d ride the bus to school , to end up in the nurses office , throwing up what my sweet mother had forced me to have for breakfast. I remember the 100000 times mom would have to drive me back home after my legs , or arms, would go numb and I LEGIT could not move them.  Had I, or my mother,  known the signs of anxiety and panic attacks , maybe things would’ve been a bit different . But, what if, in some strange way , what I going through was a gift … 

I started Yoga in graduate school, first hating the slow pace and finding myself restless during ALL poses. EVEN savasana!! COrpse Pose ?! REally? Fast forward 4 years later , diving into my Yoga Teacher training because it’s transformed my life. The anxiety still kicks in, let’s be real, I don’t work in “calmest” setting (hospital) BUT through Sadhana, I am more aware of my breath, and once you are able recognize where the breath is at, there is a change in the mental , emotional , and physiological .. for the better . This is where transformation takes place. 

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