“Perspective” .. She said


I wake up, avoiding to look at the clock to realize it’s 3 am .. And I can’t sleep. Restless nights, with a million thoughts about a guy i gave my heart to. I stare at the ceiling gasping for air when thoughts of lies come flooding in…

She stares at the ceiling wondering “why me. ”

I cringe as I get mad at myself for slowly tearing down a wall that was built to protect my heart….

She goes to bed every night thanking God for “him”

“Why me I wonder”, when all I’ve wanted was a normal relationship,

“why me ” she asked .. Attempting to understand why the look on the doctors face.

“How could I have fallen so easily, have i not learned my lesson”. And the time flies by and I’m still restless. in a struggle to close my eyes and sleep as I ask myself now what?

“Now what”? Her husband asks after theyve found out her diagnosis,
And with tears in her eyes she smiles and decides NOW is when life truly begins.

It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep… Grateful for the life I have , my health, and the patients I’ve come across to shed light on choosing my life and not induced pain.  @emmys33 #latenightposts #womenspoetry #fuckcancer #shedlight #perspective


Stop. Drop. Look around…

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Have you ever thought of why birds begin to chirp as the sun kisses the horizon each day, every morning,? Or why birds sing all day and become silent by night? As human beings living in this fast pace, survival of the fittest type of world, we sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle in which presence escapes us. Have you ever wondered if a birds morning song may be telling us to “wake up”, or that the choir in the afternoons communicate “look around”? Or the silence at night implies “reflect.” See it as you wish. Birds probably have got the same internal circadian clocks that control our sleep cycles, but I opt to admire their presence in another light. #ESwritings #birdonhands #deerfieldbeach #beachishome #flyaway #acroonthebeach #thepranalab #inspire #yogainspiration

Why do we doubt ourselves…

Think of an apple pie… if you were to take a slice, set it aside and ask the slice…”what are you like?” The slice would respond, “I must be like that what which I came from” …wouldn’t you expect the slice to taste like apple?? .. Not pineapple, or cherry, or anything else….Why is it that we understand this but we don’t understand that WE too must be like that what which we came from?? … We are pieces of God. WHO we really are is what we came from … Remember that  #WayneDyer #choosetobeinspired #baskinintherays #loveyoufl #ESwritings

Yoga Love

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Reasons to love yoga… strengthens physically, mentally, spiritually. Each day I’m on the mat I learn more and more about myself. I amaze myself when I can effortlessly move into a pose ..the same pose which once seemed #impossible to replicate. It reflects our journey through life…It reminds me to stop trying to leap through obstacles but breathe through them. For its those exact, uncomfortable/ unnerving moments that create strength and power…

“Awaken” he said..

Awaken” he said, “for the morning breeze has secrets to tell you” – Rumi


I aim for inspiration. I aim to be and forever be inspired and inspire. To live my life in-spirit, to allow longings, my hearts greatest desires, become my reality. I aim to dream big, so big that my dreams take a life of their own, reeling me into a fantasy, an unimaginable, overpowering vortex that lures me in with great passion and determination. A presence so strong that controls my every move, into a direction once revered as unattainable, incapable, nonsense. I aim to live a life in-spirit which overpowers reckless, self-inflicting pain, limitations, and destruction. I aim to live a life that flows, free of judgment, ever so gently, …. unfolding into its natural course, yet strong and fierce, driven by unstoppable, relentless forces conceived within the heart. I aim to live a life driven by soul, infused with love and orchestrated with passion. A life that knows no fear, accepts no judgments from self or others, or settles for the mediocrities of life simply to avoid failure, or self creating thoughts of inadequacy and incompetence. Though we know deep, at the center of our being, that the discomfort that unwinds and resides within most passion driven journeys is what creates strength, boldness, and courage. It is that “empty stomach,” “nauseating”, dreadful, not so warm and fuzzy feeling that derails us moving forward towards the image of our dreams, a reality that is merely a few steps away. We want things easy, NOW, without commitments, “No strings attached”, we say, protecting our hearts from failure, disappointment, or the fact that we are human. We forget that our skin and socially driven/created minds are predisposed to set off of in self limiting beliefs, and shut out our souls which speak truth. I aim to live a life that quiets the mind and embraces the silence that is accompanied by clarity and peace. ~ Writings from the soul. “Awaken” he said, “for the morning breeze has secretes to share.” Thank you Rumi. 💙💚☀️ Little dose of #ESwritings #morningwritings #backtowriting #feelingvulnerable #rumi #yogainspiration #thepranalab #inspire