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Nepali Coast – feeling undefeated and accomplished

Hidden in the forest

Deep within the valleys

Lies this special gem called Kalalau

A path to self discovery

Step by step

Droplet by droplet

A representation of so much

To one traveler it’s nothing but the sole heat on his skin, half way in 5.5 miles to go…

To one traveler it defines determination, courage, a reflection of her inner strength, interwoven with her sense of self worth

But to her . . .

To her it means much more

It was a suggestion,

That led to curiosity

Which led to action

Turning into commitment

Which quickly switched to doubt

Doubt, created by immense fear

Droplet by drop,

Cliff by fucking cliff,

A roller coaster of emotions

High to deep lows

Her first time ever wondering will she actually make it out?

Can she pull this off?

Could she have made the mistake of selfishly following her heart to only leave her loved ones behind

Back and forth, from strength to weakness

Feelings of victory to defeat

And just like that

Droplet by droplet

She made it out

To this special and hidden gem known as Kalalau

A beach that cannot ever be described

A place where natures presence is too strong for words, it can only be experienced

Droplet by droplet, by those who courageously choose to hike The Kalalau


kalalau 2.jpg

wouldn’t have made it without you sister

Forever grateful for the lessons learned on this trail.